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It you want to get rid of this.....you have to find out what the cause is.

most of us go to the obvious culprits ( such as direct training )but if it continues it's coming from somewhere or something else.

It it took me a long time to figure out that lack of shoulder flexibility was the true root cause of my ongoing issues. Caused by pressure exerted on the elbows while squatting of all fucking things! No joke. I've posted about this before. Long long time to figure it out!!!

The above article speaks to a lot of band aids as treatment methods and supportive tools.....none of which fix anything. We love to treat symptom and not cause, in traditional western medicine....even sports medicine.....makes a lot of people rich when issues only resolve short term.

I'm telling you right now, until you get the cause of this issue.......you will struggle with this on and off forever.

Not saying not to employ the use of ergo aids or anti inflammatories, or physio or whatever. If it helps, by all means...use it.

just don't expect it to go away until you address whatever it is you're doing to cause the inflammation. Some of us will never be able to address it....however that number is far in the minority. Most folks just have to look deeper and at things that you may not even realize you are doing.

seriously.....who would ever think a leg exercise could have ever cause problems in one's elbows!
David Weinstock is the man who started Neurokinetic therapy. You should check it out.

He actually does seminars for those who are really interested in it.

Personally a good friend has been to a seminar in B.C. and has used the principles on me. We managed to find out many links to problems in totally different areas that were causing the main problem. It is very interesting stuff.