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Thread: Bicep tendon pain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Veteran View Post
    I agree.. not the advice you want to hear but need to follow. Time off, ice and Ibuprofen. Continuing to work through it only makes it worse for me.

    Thread is a bit old, any relief yet ?
    I guess I'm an ask-hole like every other noob here lol .....I did a bit of ice but I still trained arms on Saturday. I went pretty light and only did a few exercise's that didn't bother it like hammer(neutral grip) curls and also focussed on top half of rep as its the fully stretched position that feels the worst. Its tough for me not to train arms as its a weaker bodypart and taking time off feels like I'm losing the battle...although I know the goal is to win the war long term.

    I'm going to skip biceps this week and get on the ice/cold treatment a little more consistently.....will report back after next weekend.
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    I myself find heat to work a lot better for healing tendons. I wrap my heat pad around the effected area and go to sleep. About 3 hours it turns off automatically, so when I get up to pee, I turn it back on and rewrap.

    I also do band exercises to get blood to flow for healing.

    The best heat pad I have found is the large Life brand at Shopper Drug Mart. You can abuse the shit out of it laying on it, washing it for about 4 years before it fails.
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