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Your First Cycle to Becoming a Monster

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Welcome New Monster . . .

-- Each and every one of us here at CJM had to start somewhere and for the vast majority of us that meant the basement, literally. Before you can run you need to learn how to walk. Steroids or PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs) are not the be-all-end-all when it comes to this thing we call bodybuilding BUT, but they can be a very valuable asset in your toolbox if utilized sensibly.

New members ('Monsters') are regularly pouring into CJM on a daily basis and need to have a focal point as to where to begin when tossing around the idea of starting a steroid cycle. I've decided to implement a 'starting point' for these new Monsters to research in the form of a thread; this very thread! New Monsters are encouraged to thoroughly read through its entirety in order to comprehend what a beginner cycle entails.

Read through the following...

== [ Are You One of the Few? The 2% ] ==

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Are You One Of The Few? The 2%

-- Just recently there was a news article published by our nations ever-altruistic news agency, the CBC. It went on to outline the details of a recently released CBSA search warrant. In it, the story mentions none other than - Canadian Juice Monsters. Obviously the words Canadian Juice Monsters splashed on the page in bold type is engineered to illicit shock-and-awe from readers. (link below):

Steroid abuse and trafficking revealed in CBSA search warrant - British Columbia - CBC News

It's only to be expected that a reputable news outlet would never want to mention CJM. Would you? A 90 year old woman reading about the results of the federal budget clicks on a link and sees a picture of a naked redhead and a...

Welcome to CJM, New User! - A Non-Official Guide to Your Potential Assimilation

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Welcome to CJM, New User! - A Non-Official Guide to Your Potential Assimilation

How you managed to wade ass-deep into this forum is a question best left unasked, but here you are. Ultimately, this is a place to waste time, as are most places on the internet, but stick around and you'll learn something useful. Maybe even make a friend or two along the way. We're not always terribly nice to one another here and frankly, we don't have to be. There are literally thousands of over-moderated, lovey-dovey AAS forums out there where you can have your ass kissed and massaged by other members as if a 50-word story about injecting your ass was Pulitzer-worthy. Users will be nose-deep in your crack telling you that your wax-on-poetic tale of poking your body would shame Manet. If that is what you're seeking: you won't find it here; run, as fast as you can; do it now. It'll save you a lot of time, frustration and...

Pharma GH Handbook

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by Kanon and Bigtuna84

This thread is a collaboration between myself and @Bigtuna84 . We decided to take out collective knowledge of identifying Pharma HGH and put all that information in one convenient spot for fellow monsters to check before purchasing.

Some of the items have been addressed in other threads. But we both decided to try and organize it all to make it as simple as possible to reference.

So over the next few days and weeks we will be posting detailed pictures and lists on how to ID pretty much any GH on the market.
I invite guys if they have any questions or need info on brand not listed yet, don't hesitate to ask and we'd be happy to answer. The goal here is being able to spot fakes and save fellow monsters a lot of money.

A Monster’s Guide to Everything Testosterone, Body Composition, and Sex (reference)

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A Monster’s Guide to Everything Testosterone, Body Composition, and Sex
Compiled by ~Dr. Juice~, January 20th, 2020

Dave Can’t Get It Up
Dave is a lifter. He’s healthier than the average Westerner and he does most things right when it comes to training and diet. Sure, he drinks a little and stresses a lot. But who doesn’t, right?

But over the last year, Dave has been feeling fatigued. He’s also lacking motivation and drive, and he’s slowly been gaining weight around the middle. He’s even starting to get soft around the chest. This is fairly common in men in their mid-thirties to forties, but way less common in a lifter. But what’s really bothering Dave are his erections. Sometimes they just don’t happen, and when they do they can’t be sustained.

Dave is actually a friend of mine. When he talked to me about these issues I asked him two questions:

Are you on any type of anabolic steroid or...

An In-depth Look at SARMS

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An In-depth Look at SARMS
By Bigtuna84 for CJM

Some of the topics I will cover include some of the SARM’s I find most interesting. I will touch a bit on the clinical trials. What we know SO FAR in terms of benefits, side effects and proper use/dosing.

And just for fun I’ll add a couple of other research chemicals that I consider important.

What is a SARM ?

Mechanisms of SARM’s
They are selective to muscles and bones as they do the following:

1. Navigate to muscles and bones to a greater extent

2. Muscles and bones may have more sensors for them

3. Activate androgen receptors but are chemically different from steroids

4. Being nonsteroidal, SARMs are not substrates for 5 alpha-reductase or CYP19 aromatase, which prevents their conversion to testosterone



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Understanding Your Blood Work As Hormone Users (all 33 points)
By Bigtuna84 for CJM

Some labs interpret test results a lot differently from others, so rule of thumb never consider these figures absolute.

Common units of measurement you will likely see on your blood work:

mmol/L = millimoles per litre
umol/L = micromole per litre
g/L = grams per litre
mg/L = milligrams per litre
ug/L = microgram per litre
U/L = units per litre
fL = femtolitre
pg = picograms

1. HIGH SENSITIVITY CRP (or C-Reactive Protein)

Healthy range: < -3.00 mg/L

This test is an indicator of inflammation in the body

2. ALT (alanine transferase)

Healthy range: 17 - 63 U/L

This test evaluates levels of liver enzymes.

- Use of hormones, especially oral hormones, can lead to increases in these values.
- Strenuous exercise, especially in close time relation to testing can also increase...

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - HCG Mixing, Storage and Administration

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What is HCG?
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a peptide hormone that mimics the action of luteinizing hormone (LH). LH is the hormone that stimulates the testes to produce testosterone.

When individuals take supplemental steroids their LH levels decline. The absence of an LH signal from the pituitary causes the testes to stop producing testosterone and can eventually cause testicular atrophy (shrinkage). Every individual will experience this differently but in some cases of prolonged steroid use the atrophy can be quite severe.

Based on research studies with healthy males and steroid use, 100iu HCG administered daily was enough to preserve full testicular function without causing desensitization or saturation associated with higher doses of HCG.

A convenient and more common alternative to the above recommendation would be 500iu twice a week. However, some research suggests it is more desirable to...

Steroid Injection Guide: The most up-to-date Info

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Steroid Injection Guide: The most up-to-date Info
Article by Mike Arnold dated July 24th, 2013

I. Injection Types.
II. Injection Methods.
III. Injection Techniques.
IV. Aspiration: what is it and why is it important?
V. Why are there so many kinds of syringes?
VI. What kind of syringe should I use?
Part #1: Standard syringe specifications.
Part #2: Gauge numbers.
Part #3: Needle length.
Part #4: cc’s & ml’s.
VII. Where do I Inject?
VIII. How many cc’s can I inject into each muscle at one time?
IX. Rotating injection sites.
X. Sterilization.
XI. Loading a syringe.
XII. Disposal of used syringes.
XIII. The injection.
XIV. Subcutaneous AAS injections.
XV. How often do I inject?
XVI. Q & A Section.

1. Injection Types

• AAS (androgenic-anabolic steroids)
• Peptides (GH, Insulin, IGF-1, etc)

There are two predominant classes of injectable drugs used for...

===(( The Long & Illustrious History of CJM ))===

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The Long & Illustrious History of CJM
By Dr. Juice, March 27th, 2012

Did you know that what we recognize as Canadian Juice Monsters today wasn't always that way; that it wasn't always known by that name? For those of you that are interested in reading about it, here's the entire story of how CJM came about and some of the site's high points, and low points, in its long history. I hope you enjoy reading about this trip down memory lane . . .

-- The year was 1998/1999 and after spending countless hours of browsing the small number of American steroid forums that existed at the time, I had a growing urge to start one up that was unique to Canadians and that would provide relevant information that related to our own country's demographic. It was quite frustrating because with the information posted on the American forums, there was surprisingly very little one could relate to in terms of steroid brands...

A Novices Guide to Get BIG

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I decided I'd write a training, nutrition and steroid plan for novices. The type of person that will benefit from this protocol is one who is interested in gaining size (which will include some fat) and has had little to no experience with gear. This kind of person is usually in their late teens or early twenties, is relatively skinny and wants to look like the bros on Flex magazin... LOL. Firstly I'd like to dispel some myths:

1.) It is unlikely, that no matter how much you eat, train or how much gear you use, that you will never, EVER look like an IFBB Pro. These guys are genetic freaks and if you can attain even 75% of what they have you will be lucky.

2.) Steroids are not a magic potion that will make you massive overnight. To get the full results from using steroids you need to make bodybuilding a lifestyle. This means true dedication regarding training, diet and, basically, a re-arrangement your entire life style and priorities.

3.)No one should use steroids below the...
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