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8 months after abdominoplasty


Jun 11, 2017
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Thank you, I appreciate it. I feel for your friend, I hope in the near future when I am fully recovered and done school to somehow give back.. for example participate in fundraisers for uc/chrohns, I want to do the run they do every year. I have thoughts on taking a counselling course and being able to talk to people who are at the early stages of their IBD.. Its a constant challenge to shape your way of thinking but if you work at it, you can actually do anything you ever wanted, sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. Act a certain way until you feel that way, and know that one day it will be all worth it again.
All we have is today, but what we do today will directly affect what tomorrow will be when it becomes today.
All we can do is do what we can with what we have and it will be enough.
I think people are a lot stronger than they give themselves credit for, all you guys know that through sheer determination, will power, visualization and consistency you have shaped your bodies...our thouhts our minds and our worlds can all be shaped the same way, I visualize a happy future but constantly try to live in the moment and appreciate today. Well todays a homework day lol but tomoorow im gonna tear up some highways up past whistler on two wheels at mach 1 ;)

Wow you have such strength of spirit. It's truly admirable that you had the mental strength to come out of the experience in a strong place, and wanting to help others through similar experiences. IBD is so common and many young guys go through similar experiences every year - kudos to you for wanting to help them through it.


Mar 18, 2017
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what were the voices saying?? not trying to be a dick just find it very interesting my wife works as a mental health nurse and sees it all the time.
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