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A Trio of New CJM Vets!

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~Dr Juice~

Jan 1, 1999
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Victoria B.C.
A Trio of New CJM Vets!

-- What a hectic year I've had. One of the CJM Admin mentioned that perhaps it was time to make some promotions. In reflection I was surprised to learn it had been more than a year since the last promotion here on CJM! Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that we moved the CJM database over from VBulletin to this new platform called XenForo — But in fact it’s been almost a year to the date. But oh what a great change it's been.

I'm blathering on. Enough of all the tech reminiscing. Lets get to the crux of this announcement . . .

As we all know by now promotions here at CJM are a special event. They occur rarely, and if they do at all, then you know there's been much deliberation and scrutiny placed on the nominated member, or members. A promotion to "Vet" status is a title that holds weight and signifies that the person receiving this honour has stood out amongst his or her peers (Monsters). They are a recognized and valued steward and ambassador of the CJM brand. They've also displayed not only exemplary participation, but time and time again also offered genuine guidance to fellow Monsters, both new and old -- However, don't let the above statement intimidate you. Let me point out that being a CJM Vet doesn't mean you have to get everything right 100% of the time. There's more than enough of us here to approach any subject, at any angle, with a ready and vast array of knowledge for the end user to make an educated decision. That's always been CJM's superior strength . . . genuine technical advice provided by genuine members -- Just keep doing what you do. It's already what's made you stand out.

And lastly, Vets here at CJM don't simply get the title because they're a Vet elsewhere, or because they've so-called "put in the time." They've earned the title because they matter to us. They matter here, here on Canadian Juice Monsters. And so because of this we honour them today on this 21st day of September of the year 2019. 🎊🎉CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉🎊

CJM members being promoted to Vet status, in no particular order are . . .

1. xpac2

2. rhynoplanet

3. BigTuna
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Not to be a dick but....
Jul 5, 2014
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Congrats guys! Glad to see this place growing in a Time where the internet is going to shit. Keep killin it.


Unofficial Porn Section Moderator
Apr 20, 2019
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Awesome !
I have learned lots from all 3 of you, Vet status was definitely in order.
Big congrats