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Anyone train MMA or a Martial art?


Dec 25, 2019
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I wrestled in highschool for the highschool team. I boxed around the same time too, but not for the high school. I thought I wanted to get into MMA and trained jujitsu with Royce Gracie himself a couple of times, but I gave that up when I decided I liked boxing alone much better instead. Now I don’t do any martial arts, just lift weights and try and look big enough that everyone thinks I’d be good at fighting lol


Jan 17, 2020
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Started Muay Thai later than most - in my early 40s. Been at it for 6 years. With my flexibility no one has to worry abut head kicks unless your a leprechaun or an oompa loompa. But if you don't check those low kicks I will go home with your leg. LOL
Never too late to start. I started bjj at 30 and now at 37 am I much better version of myself? Hell yea. Mentally, physically, and feel a high level of comfort in situations others might not. Also, sparring martial arts at least will humble you very fast. They’ll show what you think you are, likely isn’t true. Will build a confidence in you that is healthy. Especially if you have this notion you’re a “tough person” or “ good fighter” without training. When a guy or girl half your size is choking you out, or can break your arm, or just peppered you with punches and kicks and you have no answer. It’ll crack that ego pretty quick. And that’s good. It’s good to be exposed. Then you can’t hide behind it anymore.
You can however start building a healthy ego through training, dedication, and being a student. I’m 255 pound, strong, fit, bjj purple belt, catch wrestler who has really zero interest in fighting anyone. I fight several times a week on the mats. I know what I can do. I’m not a bully, I go out of my way to make people feel good and comfortable. That’s what people don’t understand.. you might start martial arts to learn how to fight or defend yourself, but once you’ve achieved a good degree of skill, fighting people isn’t at all a thing most of us want to do. It’s a skill you possess if you need it. It’s more about the training, enjoyment, the exercise, the social involvement.
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Mar 18, 2012
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Nova Scotia
Our killer will be fighting in this. This kid can box. His guillotine is unstoppable. I out rank this kid and am 100lbs heavier and he out moves me. Hes dangerous. Heres his first MMA fight.