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Sep 19, 2018
Calgary, AB
It's hard to tell because it looks like this was filmed with a potato AND the angle is off so it's hard to tell your body proportions as well as the distance of travel on the sled.
But from what I'm looking at currently, I don't think you're doing yourself any favours with your form.
The Squat Press Sled actually carries MUCH of the weight here for you, and you don't need to engage or put any strain on your lower back to do a full range of motion - so there is no excuse not to go "ass to grass" with the declination portion of the movement.
You're barely moving the sled from what it looks like here.
You'd be better off chucking the ego, lowering the weights and doing fuller reps where you go fully down on a 4 or 6 count and then driving it back up with an explosion, then slowly back down, then explode up and so on.

The reason I bring this up is because it's easy to get on one of these machines and bang out a "set" of 6 with 10 plates on either side with shit form. This machine makes it really easy to fool yourself.

I only bring it up because I've had a back injury and even with a heavy, wide belt I can't squat like I used to so I usually use the rack for warm up sets up to 3 plates per side, then hit the squat press for my work sets.
But I was finding I was able to do 12, 13 and even 15 plates per side with shit form because I wasn't allowing the sled to travel to a true "ass to grass" position.
Someone had to point it out to me though. It was one of the trainers at the gym...and I had to admit I was pissed when he approached me about it...I nearly ripped his head off...BUT once I let go of my ego and "how cool it was" to press that much weight...I started to really focus on my form and moved down to half that weight and my legs are really growing again and I'm finding I'm getting a REALLY good squat workout again.

Now - all of this may be for naught as I said I can't really tell because of the horrible quality of the camera here, and the angles are bad.
So if I'm wrong I'm sorry I wasted your time.
But if not - then I hope it helps.
Oct 6, 2017
Hi @SimcoeDog;

One small tip to add... since you're not at the beach. :) I recommend putting your hands on the side bars that are attached to the machine rather than crossed behind your head. If you have enough weight on and you're not secure it can be trouble... it's not uncommon to see stars or even temporarily black out a little when you're pushing heavy weight on one of these machines.

Thanks & good luck,

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Mar 5, 2016
I dont know. The range on the video wasn’t terrible. I know for me I typically dont care too much how many plates i have on there. Its how it feels when doing the press. As for range of motion, that varies alot for me depending on what i am trying to hit on my legs. If i go high and wide, may not go too deep. Close and lower then can only go so far till my legs hit my big fat belly. I would say just base it on how you feel afterwards. If you push that much weight and dont feel like you did anything for the next couple days then try something else. If the day after you are doing those presses it hurts like hell when you try to sit on the toilet then fuck it. Keep doing it.
Sep 1, 2018
There was nothing intrinsically wrong with the OP's video, it was a typical half rep ego lift we have all done. The hardest part of lifting is parking your ego at the door sometimes. A fraction of that weight with a full range of motion would have been 100% more effective.


Feb 24, 2017
I didn't get to see it but I 100% agree with @snowpatrol, don't ever post videos or brag about leg press numbers. That is like bragging about smith machine bench press. LOL. Do a real squat and be proud of that.
This reminded me of those videos of that disabled guy in those fail videos who claims world records for doing single rep presses on machines, he moves it like 3” and stacks plates on and gets kicked out. He’s not trolling he’s just kinda mentally ill

Edit: not the OP


Apr 19, 2013
My bad. Got a little rage lol. My bad
Oh dude you are so lucky that you didn’t post that 2 years ago, everyone on here would have ripped you a new asshole and teased you so bad you would have responded then shit would have really gone south.

I was actually shocked at how nice everyone was.

It takes balls to put up a video, even if you did half reps, my hat is off to you sir.