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Bloodwork in Manitoba without Doctor's Order

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Aug 28, 2016
Hello, monsters. It seems Dynacare has a monopoly on blood labs in Winnipeg and they won't do work without an order from a doctor, even if you're willing to pay. Is anybody aware of another lab or way around this, short of going to a doctor and directly saying you're on AAS and want regular bloodwork?


Mar 14, 2014
I’m a community mental health nurse and I can tell you that the whole healthcare system here is crap. You can’t even go on the gamma dynacare site (they took over most of the labs in Winterpeg) and look at your own results. You need to make a second appointment to meet with your physician for all of 5 mins after spending an hour and a half in the friggin waiting room catch who knows what.
As a healthcare provider I have access to Echart but we are monitored closely to ensure we are not on there looking up results to anyone, including our own results. I do understand protect others privacy, but I feel that it is bs that people do not have the ability to access their results without seeing their physician who cashed in big time for a 10 min appointment.
There are some shadey way ppl in the system have got their bloodwork done and were able to see it but not worth the risk.
Mar 19, 2019
I will agree with Dirty30, the healthcare system in Winnipeg is absolutely terrible,I see its inefficiencies and frustrations almost everyday.

Just be happy your not seeking treatment for out of normal results.
Most physicians will not treat endo problems as endo is not their specialty and will attempt to pass you off to and an Endo..... by the way there are only 7 currently practicing Endos in Winnipeg,
(2 in Childrens, 2 are internal-medicine for st B and HSC, so count them out),
and 3 work out of tache center, (one happens to be the ceo and president for St B so probably not seeing him),
Your down to 2 accepting endos_ one is diabetic specialty- in Winnipeg.
So your wait time for your first appointment with an Endo is 8+months!

As for blood work, it depends on what your looking to have tested.
" Lets get checked" works well for most things.
there are a few naturalpaths, close to Provencher that will test for a large fee.
and the " bio identical hormone scam at Tache pharmacy will test ( spit test) and treat.
Its almost easier to drive into another province or stateside.