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Mar 10, 2018
This thread is directed to those of you who are former competitors. More specifically to those who have stepped on stage at national level and battled it out year after year until giving it up one day. It’s been about 8 years since I last stepped on stage and adjusted to a family lifestyle and to focus on my career. Lately I find myself reading my old prep journals and wondering “could I do it again?” (Even though I promised my wife I wouldn’t the thought still exists ). I find myself picking apart each off season and prep and making adjustments...notes...to what I could have done/would do differently if I could go back...nutrition, training, PED’s, and simple day to day lifestyle adjustments.

To those who can relate...if you could go back what would you change/ do differently?...would you do it all the same ? ...and more importantly do you miss it?

Hoping to get some insight from @muscle_n_blood on this one.


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Apr 30, 2003
The Land of Snow
I do miss it. I miss being huge and very strong in the off season. I miss having a body that attracts women and intimidates men. (I'm not in bad shape now, but nothing like I was) I miss Friday night weigh ins. I miss the Saturday AM athlete's meeting, getting a number, sizing everyone up as I pumped back stage, then finally getting to walk out there with my group in front of a theater full of people and a panel of judges. The awards...
Differently? I would not have started my weight training journey focused on strength only. I would have used better form on my max lifts as a kid. I would not have hurt myself doing feats of strength on construction jobs. I would have eaten differently and not had to lose as much to get ready for a show..
I hung it up in 1997, came back in 2003 to do the state championships as a 50+. I came in at 6' 1" weighed in 248. I was in really good condition, but placed 4th out of 9. That hurt. I thought I should have taken second. I got drunk, went home, and smashed all but two of my trophies.
Fact was, though I was in good shape, I was out of balance. My spine was crooked and I was too one sided from the back. I had a partial tear of my right bicep tendon and it didn't look good; too much space between the muscle belly and the attachment. In short, even though I was obviously in better condition, I wasn't aesthetically pleasing. After that, more orthopedic problems set in, then the open heart surgery, So I just said goodbye. I train, but it's light. I'm not the strongest guy in the gym anymore. That's enough whining. I did my best.
Dec 10, 2004
I'm done now, I don't look back at it now.

I feel so much better not thinking about it. I like to save for vacation down south, plus just eating good and doing cardio im better shape that 99% so it happy. Plus I finally have some drinks since i never did my whole life, since I seen so many friend pass away over the years life is to short.

I did enjoy all my contests.

Wouldn't have took gear that I got acne from, or gyno.

I'm done with another Rocky come back.

I focus now on training clients make smarter choices, and I still feel part of the sport.