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Hello all, before & after. Looking for any critics.


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Feb 24, 2017
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IMHO @ 38 you did an amazing recomp good on you! However, I would NOT jump on PCT, you put in so much work and dedication so keep the train chugging along and run 100mg testE or C EW, alternatively, stop pinning (no PCT) lets your test levels crash and try to get TRT RX c/o your Dr who will refer you to an Endo (or the former may just prescribe the RX) - either way run a TRT dose albeit it pharma or UGL grade.

"I’ve added and subtracted many compounds. Var, EQ, winstrol, T3, masteron, primo. Currently running var, test, eq, primo. "
-At 41 and where I am in my life phsyically, mentally, health wise etc, lifiting & AAS plays a key part in our longevity. If you're not competing stick to less 'toxic' compunds ie; test, EQ, deca/npp, proviron, mast - orals just aren;'t my thing anymore- just my 2 cents. GL
Been a while since I looked at this thread. If maintaining muscle mass is your longview then TRT/cruise makes sense but depending on how well your body holds onto muscle you may need more than 100mg/wk (this is individualized- I’m not saying he needs to take more and maybe he’d even hold on to all of it with PCT returning to natty)
I’d also not crash your test just to leave it in the hands of doctors. They’ll be want to take multiple tests over a long while and by then your test may have come up just enough to be rock bottom on the range... but still on their head-ass range for “normal” nonetheless and no then no TRT

I agree with staying away from orals too. If you had hematocrit/RBC issues I’d also cross EQ off the list for longevity.
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