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Hot Women with Tattoos


Pewbert 2.0
Mar 27, 2020
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nice.. on the subject of tattoos they are much better now, mine are from the 80s, early 90s. remember a tattoo guy in Falkirk scotland(at the train station) was drinking whisky as he was tattooing a guy. me & my mate went in i think we were 16 at the time. load of skinheads drinking in there & the guy was drinking whisky. was doing a tattoo on a guys forearm & i guess the guy was about late 20s getting the Tattoo. He whined & the tattoo guy told him to STFU, poured whisky over his arm. we went because my mates older sister had a boyfriend covered in tattoos so he told us don´t go in too early or not too late when he´s drunk. He had a spider on one hand showed me it & asked me to look at it..i said yeah its´s a spider... but on close inspection..it had 9 legs. in them days not nice studios like today. A small room with pictures on the wall not like today.