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How to stay safe during this coronavirus.


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Dec 5, 2019
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First I would recommend getting a phone soap best thing to have. The dirtiest thing that we carry and put it close to our face is our phones I use it everyday. The second thing I do is I sanitize with Lysol all my door knobs, all my lights switches, all my sinks, soap pumps, toilet handles & refrigerator microwave handles as well & lost but not list I Lysol car door handle and a steering wheel I do that everyday as well. The third thing every time you eat wash your hands every time you go out in public wash your hands after you use bathroom wash your hands if you can’t wash your hands use hand sanitizer. I personally recommend trimming your nails short so bacteria doesn’t get underneath it. Take your supplements boosting your immune systems is very important eat healthy drink plenty of water. I almost forgot to mention stock up on canned food and frozen food it will last longer. I personally recommend eating at home. Please pitch in if you have any other health tips that you would recommend. Sincerely Anya stay safe everyone.
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