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I need advice I’m starting to worry about my wait.


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Jan 31, 2019
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Well I eat all the vegetables, seafood, fruits and nuts I don’t eat any sugar or drink any sodas don’t do pasta either. I don’t know? She told me I’m eating to healthy. I don’t know what she meant about that. She told me eat more fat things & sugar or I could have hypoglycemic if I don’t change my diet.
anyone who tells you to eat white sugar needs a slap in the head unless for a medical reason. It is useless and does nothing. Eat More @Anya - plain potatoes and if needed dip is a little ketcup, nuts are great but you need a lot of them, hamburger can be made to taste great with spices and some kethcup/BBQ sauce if on a budget. Hamburgers by themselves are good.
Eat healthy - awesome but eat enough even if it means some fat and not your typical healthy food. Peanut butter - dense calories with crackers. Doctors need to do three stool samples before they can eliminate parasites and even then they are not 100% accurate. If they told you to take you stool sample in once to the lab - that is not a full parisite test.
Good luck and eat - even if you don't like it we need to eat to live, we don't live to eat.