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International Pharmaceuticals?

Apr 13, 2014
I see that hence the word NEW
No nothing is new, they are still absolute garbage.

Flex Lewis STILL doesnt use it
Chris Aceto has STILL never even heard of that IP lab from Canada
Antoine STILL pretends use it
Foaud STILL pretends to use it
nothing is ever going to change with this lab... EXCEPT the name, the name will change in a year or two once all the noobs and everyone else that was suckered into buying it, because they believed the sales pitch, realizes its garbage .... THEN there will be something new to report my friend, the name will change... but thats all lol.

It's actually pretty funny if you take a minute to read this & realize just how dumb things went down in th past year, bear with me for a second.

What's funny is that they could have changed the name to anything they wanted,not told anyone they were doing this, not tell everyone they were changing names, and they could have started with a clean slate and shed the reputation that Epharma had.

And probably pulled the wool over all of our eyes for a year or two, we would have taken awhile to figure out what lab Epharma changed their name to, because there are sooooooo many new labs out every month it would have been a mystery which one was Epharma.

BUT they continued the same bullshit "You gotta try this stuff, half of the IFBB uses this crap", so immediately anyone with half a brain cell said. DING DING DING, I have heard this ong and dance before.

Those who push this lab changed their name to try and create a fresh slate... but they exposed themselves by being so stupid that they continued the same lie. Everyone figured out who this lab was pretty quick because no other lab out there is so incredibly stupid enough to suggest that all these pros use this gear.. and for those that actually BELIEVE that allthese pros use this gear... well those are probably the kind of people that RELLY think that a saudi princess emailed them asking for their bank information to send them 1 million dollars... the kind of people that have velcro shoe laces lol.

sorry for that rant, just found this kind of funny... "lets change the name but continue the same crap and expose ourselves" lmao.
Jan 4, 2019
Lots of guy's around my gym slinging this UGL. I have zero experience with it, just what I read on the boards.
Lots of guy's around my gym slinging this UGL. I have zero experience with it, just what I read on the boards.
its been being pushed heavy over the last couple months, that’s why it’s so confusing so many guys on it apparently with decent results but you don’t know about the guys on it with no results. Mind game 🤯