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Feb 21, 2012
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Vancouver, BC
Good Afternoon, I would like to let all CJM members know about my recent re-launch of my Supplement Company Ironfit Nutrition.

"We here at Iron Fit Nutrition believe that we have unique products for those stores that want to provide their clientele, simple but effective supplements. Nothing should be complicated, that is why our slogan, “What’s on the label is in the bottle” is so very true. No blends with unknown amounts, no discrepancies on what our product will do for you, and what we hear a lot of people like, straight to the point ingredients that work!

Iron Fit Nutrition new website can also be used to sign up and order product very easily, with today’s influence dependent on social media, Iron Fit Nutrition will be front and center on the top social media platforms to help drive traffic and promote all stores that carry our product."

I would like to offer all CJM members 20% off our entire website: CJM20 www.ironfitnutrition.com

- PacMan
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