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Khabib UFC Suspension!


Feb 24, 2017
Everybody wants that Mayweather wallet lol but i also dont feel as if Khabib deserves it yet. Still has alot to do in mma as far as proving hes the best goes. Beating conor sadly isnt a huge feat of victory. Especially a conor who fought floyd. Before Floyd conor may have had that fight. But now the coke and whiskey is his preferred lifestyle and really i cant blame him. Id be snorting coke and chugging handles if i had dana white asking me to fight every second when the man cant pay up like boxing does.
I feel like Khabib only wants to fight mayweather so it adds to his legacy. People are saying it’s about the money but I guarantee he’d do it because it still eats at him that connor is respected for doing all he has. And if it is about the money who cares? Dude pays his brothers fines, refuses to fight without them due to loyalty, and is out in random African countries helping to build water wells. Say what you will about how it’s soft and pussy and a all for show or has nothing to do with fighting etc etc but I think it’s class. Khabib has been- to a fault- a man about his principal.
An anti-bully PSA add after you whooped a guys ass who made personal attacks, both physical and verbal (and who got little more than a slap on the wrist) and then jumped his cocky loud mouth friend? I think that’s hypocrisy. It’s extremely tone deaf. If anything you’re just sending the message that it’s better to not stand up for yourself against an aggressor if it makes people feel “icky and scared”.... that’s some bullshit. Unless it’s him standing in front of a group of kids and says “DO EXACTLY WHAT I DID“ lol
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Oct 1, 2018
I wanna see Khabib VS askren (I can already hear drunk meat heads boo’ing at the thought of two wrestlers fighting each other lol)
And woodley vs GSP
I would definitely cheer for GSP.. but I think Woodley would beat him

Khabib would kill Askren.. I think. Would definitely want to watch that match up too.