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mk 677 while on cycle?

Aug 12, 2018
Just a little update as promised. Still have slightly increased appetite but I got it under control. Got some appetite suppressants (5-HTP, Caralluma Fimbriata, Fenugreek) and I don't eat too much anymore.

How do I feel? I sleep really well and wake up rested. Lots of vivid dreams. But best of all, I just feel great and energized overall. I guess due to my age my natural gH levels may be low and this stuff really makes me feel great. I don't see any difference physically but can't expect wonders in couple of weeks. So far, I'm quite impressed by MK-677 and plan to use it at least for 2-3 months and see what happens.
Any water retention/BP issues? Some people say it raises their BP 10points or so from the water retention


Sep 7, 2018
I have to give you a little update on MK-677. I have to say that I'm really loving MK-677. Here's someone who feels the same effects as me - better well being and better mood:

And now, this has really come to be as a surprise... in another thread (addiction related) I admitted to being a borderline alcoholic but just highly functional one. As a result of MK-677, for some reason (whatever the mechanism is), I drink less alcohol than before, especially hard liquor. My theory is that I had too many stress hormones in my body before vs. "happy" hormones and now that this balance has improved, the urge to drink has gone down quite dramatically.

I now understand that what's been driven me to drink alcohol in the past was to get that nice feeling and jack up endorphins. Now that the hormone balance is better, the urge to drink is much less than before. My wife is amazed. She's tolerated my drinking because I don't ever do anything stupid when I drink and I don't ever drink too much to feel it in the morning. I haven't drunk any hard liquor for 2 weeks now - something that was a daily thing to me in the past.

Physique wise, I just feel a tad bigger - no dramatic change really. I'm probably going to order tons of this stuff to stock up. I'd hate if my source ran out and I couldn't get it.