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Pct for test and winny cycle

Apr 13, 2014
Should I be worrying about HCG on my first cycle? It's gonna be 500mg/10 weeks with a. Week 11 100mg+ 1mg arimidex EOD and a week 12 50mg + .5 mg Dex. My question is with a 10.week cycle should I even worry about hcg
What do you mean? Should you be worrying about hcg cuz it’s for first cycle? Do you want to be shut down for 6 months after your cycle ends ? First cycle or not you are shutting your natural production off when you start a cycle so without hcg it will remain off and slowly climb back to maybe 75-80 % after a number of months. With hcg it’s bafk to normal in a matter of a week or two:

This doesn’t change just cuz it’s your first cycle, your body’s natural production, which you’ve just suppressed for the 10 weeks or however long your cycle is, your body’s natural production doesn’t spring back to life afterwards just cuz it’s your first time ? Nothing is different about a first cycle, every suggestion for someone’s 20th cycle will be just as useful for someone’s first

And don’t use it during ur cycle that’s retarded, that’s a whole other topic in itself that has lovers and haters who could argue the pros and cons endlessly... but just don’t lol. Your starting a cycle, accept the cons just as happily as your accepting the pros