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Pre/Post HRT Bloods


Jun 17, 2021
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GTA, Canada
Not sure how interesting a pretty standard panel comparison is, but I'll post mine for those that like to look at things like this. :)

Some story to go along with the bloods:
My test came in at 6.5 noml/L after talking to my family doc, and I had to have that repeated before finally getting referred to an endocrinologist. I did two blood panels with the endo and had an MRI of my head to make sure I didn't have a pituitary tumor and got my Rx for test cyp. Still dialing it in, which I need to discuss with the doc.

The script I was started at was 150mg bi-weekly. I took that shot as prescribed and had a blood test the following Friday (PostShot1) to confirm the dosage was fine. I crashed hard around day 11 and got hit with some serious depression. After pulling myself together I realized this was probably the "trough" that the doc described and I wouldn't make it to 14 days and pinned at day 12. I alternated between 10 and 12 days between shots for a few weeks until I found it difficult to keep track of and decided to just pin once a week. That was cool and I was feeling good, but eventually I realized that I had unintentionally doubled my prescription. I tapered down to 120mg then 80mg right before (Panel-PostTRT), so clearly my target dose is somewhere above 100mg/week - hopefully the doc agrees. :)

I've also included my lipids which I've never really monitored before - I have no frame of reference on if these are any good but they are improved from before TRT: LDL down 1 mmol/L. (That's good, right?)

On 150mg/week after about 4-6 weeks I was starting to notice some acne creeping in around the base of my skull and starting a bit on my shoulders. It appears to have cooled off after tapering down to 80mg, but I feel like garbage down here. Probably just e2 getting a bit too high given my less-than-ideal body fat situation? I'm not sure why estrogen wasn't checked on these panels but I guess it was assumed that I'd stick to the dose I was told to and it wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks for all the resources here and for any insight you folks may provide. :)


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