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Prolonged seasons


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Mar 10, 2018
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Many guys can run the gauntlet and start early year and improve show to show. They tend to have a few common characteristics...

1. They typically are your guys who have great health genetics

2. They tend to be people who don‘t rely as much on drugs.

3. They manage their recovery well

4. They take breaks.

Look at the guys who can do this and they have 1 or more of the above in common. Usually at least 3. Dexter for example. Clearly strong health. Never looks toxic or viral, inflamed, beat down. Is known to be low volume and doesn’t train 6 days I think he said 4 or 5 days. He’s never beat up. Compare Dexter to someone like Jose Raymond.

The guys who get worse are the ones that push push push. Some have even learned the hard way. Some guys will never be better at the second show because they don’t know how to back off and rest and they will end up looking better weeks after the show.

The key to going the distance is health rest and recovery. You can’t expect to just hammer your body over and over and nothing ever gives.

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Dec 3, 2019
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For noobs recovery is often overlooked , and diet is right up there. People tend to break up the 3 fundamentals, ( training, diet and recovery) onto percents, but each one needs our 100 % . Without 1 the others suffer. I know there are the genetic freaks that can seemingly grow when the look at the iron and that most people have full time lives to contend with that conflict with maintaining our training, diet and recovery. Having said that.....
Imho it's when we are able to focus best on these in our " marathon of iron" we see the best growth.
And that applies to any goal be it bulking, cutting, cardiovascular health, recomps .... It all applies.
Well said. Often times it the time off that we dread that actually need most.