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S-Adenosyl methionine (Sam-e)


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Jan 31, 2019
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A staple year round for me for liver protection as I have a liver issue. As well, it is a scrip medication is some countries for depression and anxiety. Warning - if you have anxiety, don’t take this late at night as it can cause insomnia. It never did for me, but there is a lot of info supporting that statement.
I mentioned it before but vets prescribe this for dogs and cats with any liver issue.
I mention this as supplements can be expensive and some are snake oil or just not worth the money. I have absolutely no credentials to my name - not a doctor or a naturopath but I had years of liver issues and exploring different supplements to heal my liver. This supplement always reduced my liver enzymes albeit not my GGT.
A little bonus - some studies show it works as well as Celebrex for arthritis pain.