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Who all has tried the pancakes and maple syrup


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Dec 23, 2016
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@Rucker what's your favorite way to eat this stuff?
So far just mix it as is and eat it. Which means doing something to the "plain" flavor.

I'm thinking with plain I might add a can of chicken or tuna, maybe some salt. And just treat it like white rice. Or if I want something sweet use the plain with sugar free chocolate syrup (kind of like the cocoa flavor).

I tried mixing the plain flavor with protein - but if you add the protein too early what seems to happen is that it gets really soupy. I've had this problem with cream of rice AND oatmeal. I think you have to complete the process with the cream of rice first, let it get nice and firm, THEN add the protein afterward.

There's also just the "get the cream of rice in you quick" and chug a protein shake approach for a quick meal at work - I've done that too.
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